20130713-Ingrid Bergman

I thought only ‘special’ Light-workers had the capacity/calling to have a Twin Flame relationship – something I don’t believe I’m scheduled to have, I’m not important enough in the grand scheme/plan of life.  I’ve been numb to life and I’d given up years ago looking for someone special to have in my life.  That all changed with a chance encounter.  “Someone comes along when you least expect it…” – I’d heard that so many times, but never believed it.  That random encounter reawakened me.  Yes, I actually do want to discover what life could be like with a special someone in my life, as the person I AM – Now…

I may never be with the person that sparked my reawakening, but to quote the lyrics from Cold Play’s “Adventure of a Lifetime”:………. – “Oh, you make me feel like I’m Alive AGAIN!”

However, be warned.  Before you jump head-long into believing you are lucky enough to be having a TF experience/relationship, please read these in detail:

Soul Mates, Twin Flames or Love Bite?

The Dark Side of Cupid – Hyperdimensional Interferences in Love Relationships

Good luck in your search.






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